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Grand Valley State University

Can I show you what a beautiful collaboration looks like?

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There’s more to image libraries than creating a handful of cool images. We need to create a deep, thoughtful collection showing the product’s strengths in the best possible light.

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An image library shoot exploring endless collections of plastics, papers, and patterns inspires a typography study in the studio.

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A unique project for the walls of a new corporate HQ. Color, art, patterns...abstract art. But up close? It’s actually the product of the company creating this experience.

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Joseph Jeup

I’ve learned a lot over years of collaborations; how to shoot substrates in order to show them in their most beautiful state, and how to convey the literal and emotional qualities a passionate artist puts into their work.

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For years I’ve been thinking about reinterpreting the bizarre fairytales we’ve all grown up with. They’re so twisted, abstract, and creative. Screaming for photographic interpretation.

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Founders All Day IPA

Turning a concept sketch into reality with hammer and chisel, by finesse and by force.