Grand Valley State University

Can I show you what a beautiful collaboration looks like?

It’s hard to put into words what I’ve put so much thought and love and hard work into.

This visual journey with Grand Valley State University has been an education in education, in education. (That’s not a typo!)

Trust, decisiveness, and synergy with a group of wonderful unique individuals (@ GVSU) has made this photographic journey one of the most fruitful of my life. With fresh eyes I bounce ideas with a team of all-stars that pass perspectives back. Or share them surgically, or dunk them. This is what the results of long term hard work looks like. Communication and planning are at the core of this collaboration, and the results have only gotten better thanks to a team that sets me up for success. This story is as simple and beautiful as that. This is how you do (wonderful) photography that does its job.