Joseph Jeup

I’m lucky to be able to team up with several companies owned by true movers and shakers, innovators. Leaders who know what they want, understand the importance of a brand, communicate well, and put the work in. It’s important for me to not only create compelling imagery but to create imagery that communicates the client’s message. Photography that does its job when the shoot is done. Images that create excitement and energy around the company’s products, showing them in their best light. Some photographers have sensibilities. Some have formulas. We don’t use formulas in my studio. We dynamically react to each situation and make the best decision with all the tools and knowledge we’ve gained.

I’ve learned a lot over years of collaborations and have gained much wisdom in how to shoot substrates in order to show them in their most beautiful state. How to convey the literal and emotional qualities a passionate artist puts into their work. Joseph Jeup has some of the most exquisite and luxurious finishes you’ll ever see. We love honest light to create his images, often using the sun.

Recently Joseph Jeup took on a project to make lights from weapons that had been taken off the streets of Detroit after violent gang crimes or murders. The guns melted to become something new. Light up the darkness.

To see it all, check out the Joseph Jeup website.