Founders All Day IPA

I’m happy when creating...happiest when delivering.

From sketch to execution the Founders Brewing All Day IPA campaign is top notch. This project happened with vision and support from John, Jamie, Dave, Mike, Mimi, Leslie, and Glen. Along with coordination from the Van Andel Public Museum. Thank you all for the tremendous effort. It’s been endorsed with numerous awards, including the Graphis Advertising Annual 2014.

So how did we do it? After the sketch there are many decisions to make. Do we shoot in studio? Do we shoot on location? How do we actually do this? I started with the decision to do these as naturally as possible. Shooting a bunch of elements and retouching in photoshop for endless hours to create what would essentially be a collage piece just seemed like too much assembly. It also felt untrue to the company we were creating this for, a company that prides itself on naturalness and craft. So with the trust and guidance of the art director and a talented crew we assembled this home brew from scratch. We photographed the actual IPA glass bottle, and put an overlay on our screen so we could literally stack, saw, glue, chisel, force, finesse, and hammer the exact shape together. Well...damn near it.

In the end it took about six days of work. And if you really want to know, Contax, 80, Phase One, six eggs, five spotlights, three grids, two beauty dishes, two Octa’s, and a lone wolf.