Mitch Ranger crouching low taking a backlit photo of a subject standing in the middle of an empty city street at sunrise

After coming of age in Northeast Michigan, I set off for college, initially to study business. Soon it became clear that my true passion was with the camera I was given at 17. So, I switched my studies to photography and spent time assisting more than 20 photographers while developing my own style. I love to play with colors and natural light, and I’ve learned how to bring my subjects out of their shells to capture their best moments.

My work has taken me border to border, coast to coast. I’ve been featured in publications such as Communication Arts and Graphis. But I’m not concerned with convention or any five-year career plan. You won’t find me on social media competing for likes and follows. You will find me doing what I live and breathe every day—photography. With a camera or sketchbook in my hand, heart on my sleeve, trying to make the best images possible. I do my best to underpromise and overdeliver. I’m not a shy photographer, my finger is on the trigger and I’m ready. Watching, anticipating, pre-visualizing, executing without hesitancy. Challenging myself to make the best visual decisions in the moment, under pressure. Your images matter. Let’s create them together.


Grand Rapids, Michigan
Mitch Ranger's natural light-filled photo studio with skylights, a red wall, fireplace, orange rug, and cement floors

Through meticulous thinking and precise planning, I built a portrait shooters’ paradise, equipped with all the amenities a client or subject could expect. And then some. One of the most empowering features of the 2,200-square-foot studio is its natural lighting. Considering a corner of the space is spanned with hand-picked birch trees, it’s only fitting that sunlight be permitted, and welcomed. In every aspect, the studio is a nurturing collective of nature and art—an electrifying epicenter of creativity, culture, and curiosity. From the food that gets put in the fridge the morning of a shoot to the cocktails that come after a hard day’s work, the space is a well-imagined extension of my personality. During a shoot, subjects and clients alike can relax, come alive, dance or just hang with the utmost style and comfort. And it’s all happening in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Kind Words:

“We have worked with a lot of different photographers over the years, but Mitch is different. He is so incredibly talented, that goes without saying, but that is only one of the reasons that makes him the best photographer we have ever worked with at Grand Valley or anywhere else. He has the unique ability to make everyone he is working with feel special and a part of the decision-making process. This allows for the subject to feel more comfortable and natural and thus the photography is just so much better. He takes the time to understand the brand, how to enhance it, and becomes a partner with his clients which makes the end product the best it can be.”

Jennifer Allard
Grand Valley State University
Institutional Marketing
Associate Director of Marketing Management

Nick Viau
Grand Valley State University
Institutional Marketing
Content Strategist and Market Researcher

“We love working with Mitch. He always delivers and never disappoints. His on-camera work is stellar, but I appreciate his ability to collaborate, problem-solve, attention to detail, and most importantly, plan. I’ve personally worked with Mitch for 15+ years on various projects and industries.

“Mitch and his crew always work hard and produce high-quality, nationally-recognized work. He’s always super excited about my projects, and I can always count on him to make them better.

“I never really expect to have fun on a set, but Mitch does create a comfortable and fun atmosphere because it’s essential to get great work done.”

Yang Kim
Design Director / Co-Founder

“For over 15 years, I have relied on Mitch and his team to provide the very best client and environmental photography. As a Creative Director working with international businesses, I trust Mitch’s ability to seamlessly work with clients, to put them at ease, and consistently deliver images that exceed expectations. I see him as a vital component of any campaign - so much so that since 2017, we have worked with Mitch on our own startup, Hooray Socks Co. Mitch never fails to impress me with his creativity and professionalism.”

Tim Carpenter
Creative Director, Made Studios
Co-founder + CEO, Hooray Sock Co.

SELECT Client List:

Wall Street Journal
Quality Edge
Priority Health
Herman Miller
Grand Valley State University
Georgia Pacific