I always approach projects focused on a shared end goal: selling the client’s product. Creating a handful of cool images doesn’t get us there. We need to create a deep, thoughtful library that shows the product’s strengths in the best possible light. The best form. That’s what I do. My collaboration with Edward’s and Fairly Painless has been a perfect fit. The most beautiful synergy.

I’ve learned a lot from working for years in West Michigan. Things like fabrics aren’t born alike. Dark, light, soft, reflective, luxurious, textural, heavy, knitted, stitched, torn, loved… Here’s a little secret I’m willing to share; Dark, textural, knitted fabric with craftsmanship loves honest, raking sun. Soft, flowing fabric wants smooth backlit shade to sing. Closeups need strong but soft wrapping light to create contrast while respecting the thread.

I’m very proud of the images we’ve created with the client’s best interest at the center of every decision. The journey is insightful, fruitful, and hopefully always a bit of fun.